25 Awesome Superhero Party Ideas For Your Kids Birthday

Kids parties can sound like a nightmare, especially sticking to the desired theme for your little cherub. Be the hero of your next birthday party with 25 tips on how to throw an out of this world Superhero party ideas.

The best thing to start with is to plan everything ahead of time, having invitations sent out at least 3 weeks prior to the event is a good way to make sure your guests know well in advance to save the date. If you are planning on hiring any equipment it is also good to book at least 2 weeks prior to the event to secure your spot and avoid any disappointment.

The beauty of a Superhero themed party is you can go as over the top as you like in terms of party decorations. Personally, I think it is easier to put together a well-styled party if the games/ entertainment and food are incorporated as one component, and with a superhero-themed birthday party that is as easy as said!

Let your imagination and inner child take its course, after all, you’ll have to keep those 13 or so children entertained on the day, somehow right?

How do I dec out my party den?  – Superhero party decoration ideas

There are plenty of ways you can make a bare space the perfect place for a superhero party and with these tips for superhero party decorations here’s how:

  • Dec out the walls with cut out superheroes like Spiderman for example; hanging onto balloons, this can really bring everything to life! And could be pulled off by any superhero desired. You could even have cut out pieces of card and make them into buildings and stick them onto the walls, adding them to a feature wall or even as a standalone, the backing to a photo booth or food table.

  • Good old balloons even do the trick! Stick to colored configurations likewise to specific superheroes like yellow, black and gray as well as green and purple, the list goes on.

  • Even printing and cutting out pop art statements and adding them to your décor will help pull off that desired look.

  • Another great superhero party idea is having a dress-up station where all the children turn into their desired superheroes! This can simply be pulled off by having a clothes rack with hanging costumes and accessories are displayed along with a poster to define the designated area. This will not only help bring the party to life but also encourage the kids to bring out their inner superheroes.

  • Setting up party tables and chairs with themed plates and napkins as well as having superhero capes hanging on the back of each chair is certainly another way to add to the superhero party decorations.

Capturing that super moment

  • Photobooths are not only a great way to capture the moment but also adds to the décor component of your awesome superhero party. You could pull off a great photobooth simply by putting a backdrop of a cityscape, other superhero characters or even just a black sheet with superhero colored props.

  • For a more adequate photo booth, you could turn an old large cardboard box into jail for your bad guys, or even a cityscape for your little heroes’.

  • Rather than having the plain stand up photo booth you could even go as far as putting down a light blue sheet and adding some details to it so as your little superheroes look like they are flying through the sky.

  • Any type of photo booth can be brought to life with printed props such as masks suck onto sticks so that the children can hold them up to their faces.

  • You could even turn the photobooth aspect into a game for the children such as having the best picture win a prize, give the children a set amount of time to get as many props as they can into the picture.

Super Games

  • Keeping the children entertained so you can somewhat relax is a must-have, there are certainly many ways you can achieve this!

  • Freeze superhero figurines into large ice cubes and turn spray bottles into “superhero” bottles filled with “Powers” by sticking either pictures of superheroes or labels to match their powers. The children could even use these bottles to chase each other around with and spray their powers at each other.

  • You could even hire Jumping Castle Companies Superman obstacle course and add to obstacles around the outside of the castle to increase the difficulty and fun for the kids. We even have a fog machine to help pull off the mystery or gloominess of a superhero scene. Jumping castle company even has a Spiderman and Fantastic 4 castles for hire.

  • A “Thor” hacky sack toss can be pulled off by getting green hacky sacks and turning cans or cardboard sheets into anything from buildings to other superheroes.

  • Your little heroes can practice their X-Ray vision by reaching into mystery bags and taking a go at guessing its contents. This can be pulled off with any household items, even food!

  • Play catch the villain by having hula hoops as lightning lassos and your little ones can run around trying to catch their villains. Once the villain has been caught they can exchange lollies for their release.

  • Classic games like, pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin the cape on the hero or pin the spider on the web are all reasonable for entertainment and can be easily changed to suit the super theme.

  • Party guests can practice their spidy senses by trying to capture toy spiders with sticky hands.

  • You can make a laser maze by hanging streamers around the house or garden and your little superheroes can weave through the maze, whoever touches the laser is eliminated.

  • Achieve a Hulk smash by purchasing oversized Hulk gloves, your heroes can wear the gloves and smash things like ice cream cones.

Superhero food

  • We all know how hungry little ones can get but one thing all are certain on is how picky they can be when it comes to eating healthy food!

  • Healthy foods such a fruit and vegetables can become easily appetized by displaying them in cute colored bowls with decorative labels such as “Boost invisibility” “Boost strength” etc.

  • Thor sticks can be made by putting marshmallows onto pretzel sticks, these can be put on top of cupcakes or even displayed on their own.

  • Normal party foods such as chicken wings can be turned into “Bat wings”. Cordial in colors of superheroes can be labeled as “hulk smash”.

All in all if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for then check out this link from Pinterest!