Hold onto your cowboy hats because Jumping Castle Company is about to take you on the wildest ride of your life with all the ins and outs of how to pull off a Wild West Games night; all for the adults! We don’t generally have the opportunity to run and organize such events however when a local school asked for our help we couldn’t resist. This western extravaganza wasn’t any old school event; as it was for the adults, so we could certainly have more fun with it! Whether you’re reading this in hopes to pull off a similar fundraising event or just a standard Wild West themed party for you and your friends you’ll be sure to find plenty of tips on how to make it one to remember!

Firstly, here is everything you’ll need to consider:

  • Catering
  • Any equipment hires (for us we needed to hire our mechanical bull, cold room to store our drinks, furniture such as bar tables, haybales etc.).
  • Décor
  • What kind of entertainment you will want to provide for your guests (for us we chose a DJ, party games and an auction).
  • Any volunteers or staff you may need to hire
  • Invitations, alerts, and marketing for the event
  • Any safety or risk assessments required

A Pioneers Feast

We decided to stay as true to our chosen theme as possible, even down to the types of food we would have on offer for our guests. If you are more inclined to do the same, then here are some ideas for you:

Our guests were given a grazing table, pulled pork sliders, buffalo wings, tacos, and corn cobettes just to name a few!

As the event was cocktail styled we not only had to hire wait staff but we also felt it was best to choose foods that’d be easy to eat.

You could also try things like a pig on the spit, fried chicken, burgers, even things like lcm bars tied with liquorish to make them look like haybales!

As this was a western-themed party we thought it’d be fitting to offer a whiskey bar to our guests. We offered our guests drinks such as cowboy shots, Captain Morgan’s, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Kraken and many more!

Equipment hire:

You can’t have a wild west themed party without a mechanical bull, right? The answer is of course not! Luckily Jumping Castle Company has one! If you are needing one for your event just ask our friendly team for a quote!

As the location of our event didn’t have enough space to store and chill all the alcohol; we needed to hire out a cold room, a medium-sized one did our event just fine!

Our theme was very specific, and we really hoped to bring this to life through our décor and choice of furniture! We hired old wine barrels and rustic wooden slabs to pull off the country feel. We also purchased several haybales to serve as seating.

In terms of hiring equipment, it is important to plan ahead of time to ensure you are able to get exactly what you are after for that specific date. We recommend at least 2 weeks prior to the event as most companies require a full payment 1 week prior to the booking.


It is no secret that the décor part of event organizing is the most fun part. You can certainly go as overboard as you like with it. And we certainly did!

We purchased all our décor from a mix of places such as Facebook marketplace, cheap shops, Kmart and party supply stores.

We decided to make a lot of our own décor to save money as this was a fundraising event. We made our own backdrops, signs, and posters; by printing out old western images and sticking each set of sheets to the wall.

We dressed our tables in Hession and made sure our lighting reflected the rustic theme as much as possible.

As all our game and food stands also served as part of our décor we were fortunate enough to need less decorations like balloons etc.


We provided our guests with a DJ who played western-style music and music from that era.

Given the name of the event specifies a games night, of course, we put on the best games for our guests. We also requested parents and teachers to help man the games for an hour or so of the night.

We also gave everyone a game card so as they could tally the points they received from each game in order to win a prize at the end of the night. The first round of each game only served for points, so they had to make it count!

  • Coin Toss:

Guests had to grab a coin and flick it into the can the points were tallied depending on which can they managed to get the coin into! 1 point for the 1st can and so on.

  • Pin the Gun on the cowboy:

This game was played like any other pin the whatever game, however our guests had to pin the gun on the empty holster! They received 1 point for participation and 2 points for accurate placing.

  • Shooting Gallery:

Players got to choose from nurf guns, hacky sacks or bow and arrows to knock over numbered cans, they received the same amount of points as the numbers written on the cans they hit.

  • Photobooth:

Any event needs the perfect area to capture the moment, we decided to turn our photobooth into 1 of 2 games being that participants had to get as many props as they could into the one photo, they received 1 point for every 3 props used however the photos were also displayed so as guests could pick & vote for their favorite photo, the winner stealing 4 points!

We were also lucky enough to have numerous businesses donate prizes for us to auction off at our event.

As the Wild West Games night was a school event, we started off by putting up a poster at the school with information for the parents to purchase their tickets (Yes, we charged an admission fee of $60 so as we could continue to raise money etc.). As time got closer to the event we were sure to post regular updates on the community Facebook page to entice the sale of the tickets just that step further. If you are planning a similar event and are wanting to give out standard invitations, you could do this by making a Facebook event (private or public).

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