Budget-Friendly Tips for your Kids Birthday Party

It is no secret that 95% of parents avoid throwing their kid’s a birthday party because it is either too much work or too expensive. There is also the issue for families who have multiple birthday parties to throw throughout the year that tend to break the bank just that tad too much!

But the truth is; there is no need to go over the top for every single birthday party your kids ever have, they will more than likely be focused on having fun with their friends than how much money you spent on their party.

With the stress of planning and budgeting for a birthday party, it is no wonder why so many parents steer clear of what sounds like an absolute nightmare. But maybe, just maybe you have been doing it wrong all along!

Many parents ignore the obvious solutions for a budget-friendly birthday party, they believe it solely revolves around DIY decorations etc. However, I am here to tell you this isn’t always the case.


As the main focus of this article is to save time and money, the first step we suggest to consider is setting your budget!

Deciding on the location of your party will almost certainly, save you the majority of your money! There is no secret that a birthday party situated inside or outside of your home or even at a local park involves no fee in terms of a venue (I know right; who would have thought!).

Picking a certain date can also save you money, as many companies or venues will offer discounted rates or party packages during off-peak seasons and times during the week etc.

If you are wanting to save costs on food, then a simple trick is to schedule your party in between normal meal times, for example, 9-11am or 2-4pm.

If you think you will have room in your budget for entertainment – You can contact our friendly team at the Jumping Castle Company and ask about our budget range.


There are plenty of budget- friendly ideas when it comes to deciding on a guest list and invitations for your kid’s birthday party.

Sticking to under 12 guests is probably the first step I would recommend. That way there are less mouths to feed and just as much room for cancelations when it comes time for RSVPs.

There is no need to spend money on fancy invitations when in this day and age we have platforms such as Facebook, text or even email for getting the word out about your awesome party!

If you are still determined to have a cool invitation you can create your own on free programs such as Canva or download premade templates from Pinterest or Google so as you can send them via email and avoid paying for printing and ink all for the kids to lose their invitation at school before their parents can even RSVP.

I recommended to send out invitations at least 3 weeks prior to the event and have the RSVP 1-2 weeks prior to your event, this leaves you and your guests plenty of time to save the date and or make any necessary changes to plans or bookings.


You can save anywhere from $20 to even $80 if you bake your own birthday cake from either a cake mix or from scratch. You could make this into a fun activity for you and your little cherub by getting them to help you bake and decorate their own birthday cake.

Plan your menu and budget for your menu as soon as possible and be sure to stick to this! By sticking to 12 or less guests as well as scheduling your party in-between meal times you are also guaranteed to save more money!

By offering a limited selection of snacks and goodies for your guests rather than meals or a vast selection that is unlikely to get eaten will save you not only money but a lot of time!

You can even go as far as buying your non- perishable snacks and goodies from discount warehouses, buying in bulk can also save you time and money for other birthday parties you may have throughout the year.


If you have decided to hold your party outdoors then you have already saved yourself a lot of time and money as there is no need or even space for as many decorations you would have indoors for a party.

The saying less is more is very fitting in a budget-friendly blog as less DIY or decorating certainly means more money and time on your hands.

Tying your food and party games into your decor will not only save money but time. And it looks great!

You can buy all of your decorations from discount party supplies, local cheap stores and even Kmart and Target have heaps of party goodies for a great value.


As previously mentioned Jumping Castle Company has a range of budget castles starting from $175. Just ask us how!

There is no limitation of games when it comes to indoors V outdoors. Party games like scavenger hunts, pass the parcel, obstacle courses, face painting, photo booths, and even pinata. All of these games can be easily manipulated to fit any theme and for the use of indoors or outdoors.

You can have your party guests complete DIY activities to keep them occupied! things like making your own slime, cupcake decorating, candy necklaces or bracelets.

You can easily find plenty more DIY activities for the kids to complete here: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/craft-ideas/how-to/g1389/diy-kids-activities/?slide=1