Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Information:

Are your products safe to use during COVID?

Each device is to be cleaned and disinfected prior to delivery to the client (or on-site but prior to being used by any person). All reasonable attempts are made to ensure that the device is not sent to an alternative job location at least 48 hours prior to the nominated job site.

Where possible contactless delivery will occur or at least minimal contact will occur with the delivery of the device. No persons other than an employee of JCC is permitted to assist in the setup or pack down of the devices.

Are the Castles Clean?

After each use, the castles are wiped down with disinfectant and after every 3rd use, the castles are washed to ensure that the castles are always clean from sticky fingers and mishaps.

Can Adults use the Kids Castles?

While each castle has its own weight requirements the fact is that adults can still climb inside each of our castles to help their children and just have a bit of fun for themselves. Our castles are strong and made of good quality products and can handle the weight of adults.

Wind and securing the castle

We secure our castles with heavy duty pegs on grass areas and heavy weights when the castle is situated on concrete or inside. It is important that the castles are secured in case of wind gusts or simply boisterous children jumping. In saying this, safety is always our priority and we do not recommend that the castles are used in winds greater then 15km/hour.

Common Questions:

How do I hire a castle?

After you have chosen the castle you would like to hire you simply need to pay either 25% or $100 deposit in order to secure your booking. Due to the high demand for our castles, unfortunately, we cannot book in any castle without a non-refundable deposit being paid. Once the deposit is paid we will send you a booking confirmation with the times and details for the booking. The full amount must be paid for 1 week prior to the booked date. If you are not sure about the process just give us a call and we will walk you through it.

What if I change my mind?

If circumstances arise and you need to cancel your booking then please let us know. If we can accommodate you we will move the date of the booking, however, once we have booked out a castle for you it means that other people cannot book that particular castle. As such, we are unable to refund your deposit.

What if there is bad weather?

Unfortunately, rain happens, we understand that this can spoil your event. If it is light rain then the castle may still be able to be used however where there is heavy persistent rain you will not be able to use the castle unless it is undercover. In those circumstances, we provide you with a guarantee to refund you the full cost of your castle less the deposit.

How do the castles work?

Most of our castles require access to either electricity of a constant power source in order to stay up. We attach a blower to a part of the castle and then switch on the power and the castle will self inflate. Power needs to be constantly supplied in order to keep the castle upright.

How long does it take to blow up the castle?

Depending on the size of the castle on average it will take 15 mins to set up the castle and about 5 mins to blow up the castle and about 10-15 mins to deflate. Our bungee trampoline is built a little different and will take about 30 mins to inflate and deflate.

What surfaces can the castles be placed on?

Our castles can go on most surfaces however you need to let us know what type of surface you will be placing the castle on. We always prefer grass, however concrete is also acceptable. If it is going to be on concrete please let us know as we will need to place tarps under the castle in order to protect it from friction.

How do I pay?

We accept credit cards, debit or direct deposit. You can pay over the phone or simply make a payment to our account:

Jumping Castle Company
BSB- 064 151
ACC- 1044 6016