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    Air Brush Tattoos

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    • Duration- minimum 2 hour hire
    • Included in hire- tattoo airbrush kit, super awesome expert tattooist
    • Power Requirements- standard power is required
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    About the Product

    These days everyone is getting tatted up.  Whether it is a beautiful delicate butterfly on someone’s ankle or a full arm sleeve with exploding skulls, there is always the perfect tattoo for everyone.  But mum and dad ….DON’T PANIC! These tattoos don’t hurt to get put on and only last a maximum of 5 days (but can be washed off earlier).  The kids love all the bright colours and with over a hundred designs to pick from this is as exciting to the kids as face painting.  The paint used is water based and should not create any skin reactions or sensitivity.

    How Does It Work?

    We supply our super awesome expert tattooist.  They will come along to your party or event and they will set up their own table (if you don’t have one) and then they will lay out boards with all the designs possible for the tattoos.  All the kids have to do is walk up, select the tattoo they want then sit down and we will do the rest.  Then when the novelty has warn off (probably for mum’s and dads more than for the kids) all you have to do is apply soap and water and your child’s skin will revert back to their previously unblemished and perfect state that they were in before they had the tattoo.