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    California Wave Slip n Slide



    • Ages- 2yrs to Adult
    • Dimensions- 3.41m Wide, 2.54 High, 10.67m Long
    • Access Requirements- 4m clearance and car access
    • Power- Access to power within 15m of where castle is to be set up else a 5.5hp generator is required.
    • Water- Access to a standard tap is required when using this product as a waterslide
    • Supervision Requirements- It is always recommended that the inflatable slide be supervised by an adult to ensure the product is being used in accordance with the terms and conditions.
    • Number of children on ride:  1 person sliding at a time
    • Thrill Rating:  5/10
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    About the Product

    Remember the days when you laid down a piece of plastic in the backyard, squirted detergent all over it, added the hose and then ran and slid all the way down on your stomach (getting grass burns as you veered of course).  Weren’t they the best days?  Well now you can recreate your childhood fun by enjoying our slip n slide….without all the detergent in the eyes or hitting random rocks under plastic.

    How does it Work?

    Bring your swimmers for this one!!! Take a run up and dive stomach down through a wall of water and slide as far as you can and all the way down into a pool of water.  Get out and do it again! It’s that simple.  While this Slip n slide works well on a flat surface, a ground with a slight incline really adds to this slide.