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    Dunk Tank

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    • Ages- 4yrs to Adult
    • Dimensions- 1m Wide, 1.5m High, 1500ml water capacity
    • Access Requirements- 4m clearance and car access preferred
    • Water- Access to a standard tap is required when using this product is used
    • Set up- The dunk tank takes at least 1 hour to fill using a standard tap with normal pressure.  As the length of time to fill the dunk tank depends on each individual water access, we recommend that you allow between 1-2 hours for filling before the dunk tank is required.
    • Supervision Requirements- The dunk tank is required to be supervised by an adult to ensure the product is being used in accordance with the terms and conditions.
    • Number of persons on Tank:  1 person sits on the platform while 1 person at a time throws the ball at the target
    • Thrill Rating: 4/10
    • Similar Products:  Big Splash, Slime Machine

    About the Product

    Everyone knows the dunk tank.  It is an old favourite and one of our most popular products available for hire.  No-one loves anything more than to throw balls at a target with the ultimate price being to see their most loved (or hated) teacher or boss take the plunge into the cold water beneath them.  It is the ultimate innocent revenge someone can have especially when its winter.  And the cheers from satisfied onlookers is enough on its own to make Dunk Tank worth every penny.

    How Does It Work?

    First you convince your boss or principal that them being the pawns in the ultimate dunk tank revenge is for a good cause (honestly it is).  You can customise the dunk tank to incorporate your company or event theme on the side of the tank.  Then they open up the cage and climb onto the seat.  People line up in a row to throw a ball at the target. How many chances you give is entirely up to you.  The joy comes once someone hits the red target.  Then your boss’s platform will collapse sending your boss plunge into the cold pool of water beneath him or her to the roar of the crowd surrounding the tank satisfying all onlookers present.  In order to satisfy everyone of their achievement even more, there is a window in the tank so that everyone can see the boss being well and truly dunked in the water.  What a great way to spend an afternoon!

    All-day hire for $25 extra. Ask us how!

    “An important note about insurance. Although our safety record is impeccable and we comply with all WHS regulations, due to worldwide increase of insurance claims insurance claims from amusement park injuries and Covid-large insurance companies have pulled funding. These claims have resulted in a tightening of land-borne inflatable insurance policies nation-wide. To this end we must notify you of the following changes. 1. Any inflatable water slide or water slip and slide is no longer covered by insurance (inflatable dry slides are insured), and 2. Persons over 18 are unable to use any inflatable device and are considered uninsurable unless they are on the castle in a supervisory role to assist a minor in case of injury or emergency. If you would like further information or clarification as to how we can make your party awesome, we are more than happy to assist.”