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    Fairy Floss Machine

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    • Duration- 4 hours, all day or overnight
    • Included in hire- Fairy Floss machine, 50 serving sticks,  50 Serves of flavoured sugar.  Flavours include: watermelon, Pink Vanilla, Bubble gum, Grape
    • Additional serves available.  Serves sold in 50 serve lots.
    • Power Requirements- standard power required
    • Similar Products- Popcorn machine, hotdog machine, Slushie machine, snow cone maker

    About the Product

    The fairy floss machine is a commercial machine and comes with its own personal trolley so you don’t have to organise a table for the machine to sit on.  The fairy floss is made from spun flavoured sugar which comes in 4 very tasty and sweet flavours.  You get to choose one flavour per each 50 serves.

    How Does It Work?

    The one food you can guarantee a child to find in a field of food vans is the fairy floss stand.  No doubt mum and dad will be dragged kicking and screaming to the fairy floss stand and be begged, hugged, pleaded to get their beautiful little bundle of joy, a stick of fairy floss.  Once mum and dad finally cave in then all you have to do is turn on the machine and run the stick around the machine until you have acquired the size of fairy floss that you wish to hand over.  Speaking for experience an acceptable size of fairy floss for any child is approximately twice the size of the child’s head.

    The child will be in heaven with this treat, however just a warning of the wise for all mums and dads out there.  Make sure you give the kids the fairy floss early.  Once that sugar rush kicks in you are going to need a few hours of serious jumping castle jumping in order to burn off the high.