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    Finding Nemo Slip n Slide



    • Ages- 2yrs to 15yrs
    • Dimensions- 2.4m Wide, 2m High, 9m Long
    • Access Requirements- 4m clearance and car access
    • Power- Access to power within 15m of where the castle is to be set up else a 5.5hp generator is required.
    • Water- Access to a standard tap is required when using this product as a waterslide
    • Supervision Requirements- It is always recommended that the inflatable slide be supervised by an adult to ensure the product is being used in accordance with the terms and conditions.
    • Number of children on ride:  4 (2 sliding with 2 climbing up stairs)
    • Thrill Rating: 4/10
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    About the Product

    There was a movie about Finding Nemo..well now we’ve found him!! Our Finding Nemo slip n slide is a flat slip n slide for the kids which is perfect to slide on when you may have young children who aren’t found of tall slides.  The best part about this slip n slide is that it has a cover over the entire slide so your children won’t be exposed to the harmful UV rays while playing in the water.

    How Does It Work?

    This one is simple…So simple even mums and dads can do it.  All you have to do is is run and dive and slide down this slide.  When you get to the end, stand up and walk out and do it again.  This is a 1 lane slip n slide that will be a huge hit with all the littlies especially during the hot summer days.  As it is a water slip n slide you can increase or decrease the water to speed up or slow down the length of the slide.  Whatever you decide, you will get wet!

    All-day hire for $25 extra. Ask us how!