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    Hot Dog Machine

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    • Duration- 4 hours, all day or overnight
    • Included in hire- Hot dog machine, instructions
    • Power Requirements- standard power required
    • Similar Products- Popcorn machine, slouching machine, fairy floss machine, snow cone machine

    About the Product

    The hotdog machine is a steamer and is very easy to use.  Up to 200 hotdogs and 42 hotdog buns can be heated in the hotdog machine at any one time.  No food is supplied with the hotdog machine and it is the responsibility of the customer to supply the hotdogs and buns.

    How Does It Work?

    Hot dogs get your hot dogs!!!! When you put on a party or function, normally you go to the hassle of dragging down a barbecue, getting gas, and then you spend ages cooking sausages for the kids to eat, only for the sausages to go cold once they are off the hot plate.  So instead of the hassle of lugging around a big heavy barbecue, we can sort you out with our hot dog machine.  The beautiful part with this machine is you can put the hotdogs into the bath and keep them there (nice and warm) until they are ready to be served.  What is a hotdog without the buns, so the machine also keeps the hot dog buns nice and warm as well.  How convenient is that!  So when kids dawdle to get lunch and come up an hour after they were told, at least with the hotdog machine you can be guaranteed to be able to serve them a nice hot hotdog.