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    Mechanical Bull



    • Ages- 4yrs to Adult
    • Dimensions- 4m Width x 4m length
    • Access Requirements- 4m clearance and car access
    • Power- Access to power within 15m of where the castle is to be set up else a 5.5hp generator is required.
    • Supervision Requirements- It is a mandatory requirement for this product to be supervised at all times by a qualified Jumping Castle Company employee.
    • Number of people on ride: 1 person
    • Thrill Rating: 9/10
    • Similar Products: Mechanical Beer Can, Mechanical Football, Mechanical Surfboard

    About the Product

    So you have seen those rodeos on TV where the goal is for a cowboy to stay on top of a bucking bull for 8 seconds.  Sometimes the cowboys last the distance and other times…well let’s just say the bull has the win.  Well this is our answer to the rodeo….We like to refer to it as the inflatable rodeo.  There is still a bull (but its not real) and there is still bucking about (but we can control the amount of bucking, and there is always falling off the bull (but this time there is 4m x 4m of a thick padded inflatable matting completely surrounding the wall so that you won’t get hurt.

    How Does It Work?

    First you work up the courage to have a go on our fearsome bull, then you enter the padded arena and climb onto the back of the bull and hold on to the handle.  One of our super awesomely trained bull wranglers (our employee) will ensure that you are safely on the bull and ready.  Once you are ready he will start the engine and the bull will start to move….slowly at first for the first timers and then will slowly start to increase in speed and movement until either you want to stop or (as most people do) you fall off onto the padded surroundings.  The goal of this ride is to outlast and outdo your friends, its that simple.