Mechanical Football

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Mechanical Football Don’t just play football, ride it!  See your favorite game come alive with the strength and agility you will need to hold on.  Be the first one to ride this as this is the only one in Australia!

Are you looking for something that is sure to make your next Brisbane event a hit and one that will be remembered forever? We’ve got the perfect idea for you — our mechanical Football hire! Not just a ride, but an awesome, fun experience. Release your inner cowboy by hopping on this bad boy, and see how long you and your guests can last on this wild ride.

Adding our mechanical football rental to your event creates a night of unlimited fun and laughs! Compete against your friends for the top time and laugh as your guests go flying, it’s a great time for all!

Make your next party in Brisbane a raging success – Hire our mechanical football or a jumping castle now!

Our mechanical football is right in the middle of a jumping castle coaster, meaning that there won’t be any painful falls if you get bucked from your ride. Enjoy the excitement of a rodeo without the fear of been thrown headfirst into the ground!

Rent our mechanical football for your Brisbane party now!

We have a wide range of jumping castles suitable for all occasions, for both kids and adults. If you’re into mechanical football’s, you may also be interested in wrestling out with your friends and family with a sumo suit. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that there will be lots of laughs and smiles when you hire our big toys.

Ring now to book this amazing ride.  Price on Application