Mechanical Surfboard/Snowboard

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Even if it’s cold outside and you can’t hit the beach, you can still have fun riding the waves on a mechanical surfboard, available in all types of weather. Moving you around with the force of the ocean waves, our surfboard is mounted on a cushioned jumping castle (for the inevitable tips, tumbles and spills that are going to happen.) Imagine the looks on people’s faces when you pull the moves on the mechanical ride of the century. Ride that Gnarly wave with an awesome mechanical surfboard. Great hit with the kids and adults. Either at a kid’s party, a fun fair or a more grown-up event, you’ll make the most of the day with your own beachside attraction. Your jumping castle/surfboard combination will be the star of the show and your guests will be flocking to see just how long they can stay on board. Also can be interchanged for a snowboard! Contact us for a customised quote 1300 799 506