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    Popcorn Machine

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    • Duration- 4 hours, all day or overnight
    • Included in hire- Popcorn machine, table, corn kernel pack for 50 serves of popcorn, oil, popcorn salt, serving utensils, 50 serving boxes, instructions.
    • Additional serves available.  Serves sold in 50 serve lots.
    • Power Requirements- standard power required
    • Similar Products- fairy floss machine, hotdog machine, Slushie machine, snow cone maker

    About the Product

    Popcorn, fresh warm popcorn.  Your mouth just starts watering at the thought.  Whether you are a child or adult, everyone loves a box of popcorn.  Coconut oil is used to cook the popcorn normally but you can use any type of oil if you wish to spice it up.   On average it takes about 2-3 mins to cook the popcorn and you can keep cooking the popcorn well before it is needed.  The popcorn just gets tipped to the bottom of the machine and is kept warm until you are ready to serve.

    How Does It Work?

    You simply need to turn on the machine, put the corn kernels into the pot along with the oil and salt.  As the machine heats up it will start to cook the popcorn.  Once you stop hearing the popping then you simply tip the bowl upside down and start again.  Make sure you turn on the heater at the bottom of the popcorn machine to keep the popcorn warm.  Then once the smell of popcorn draws people to you like a moth to a flame all you have to do is open up the glass door, and scoop the popcorn into a popcorn box and hand it over.  Word of the warning though, you may need to have a drink on stand by so serve with the popcorn so that all that salty goodness is quenched once they finish enjoying the warmest, freshest popcorn ever.