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    Small Inflatable Soccer Field



    • Ages- 2yrs to Adult
    • Dimensions- 13m x 7m
    • Access Requirements- 1m clearance and car access
    • Power- Access to power within 15m of where soccer field is to be set up else a 2.5hp generator is required.
    • Supervision Requirements- Product should be supervised by a responsible adult
    • Number of people: Fits up to 8 bubble balls
    • Thrill Rating: 3/10
    • Similar Products: Large Inflatable Soccer Ring, Barrier Ring, Inflatable Pool, Boxing Ring, Rock n Roll Gladiator

    About the Product

    When you wish to play a game of soccer, hockey or any type of team sports ball game but don’t have a proper sports field to play on then our inflatable soccer field is perfect for you.  The field has an inflatable goal post on either end of the field.  The field is placed directly onto the grass.  The field incorporates only the outside edge of the field which is an oval shaped inflatable ring.

    How Does It Work?

    Once the soccer field is inflated then all the competitors enter the field and begin to play whichever game you desire.  Some people use it to play normal soccer, while other people take advantage of our bubble balls and play bubble soccer.  Alternatively the small soccer field can be used with 1 bubble ball to play tiny tots soccer for the little kids.  Basically they all push the bubble ball around and try to get it into the goal at either end.

    The uses for the small inflatable soccer field are endless.  What would you use it for?

    All-day hire for $25 extra. Ask us how!