Sumo Suits

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Challenge your friends to the ultimate challenge with our sumo suit hire! Perfect for parties or events, people love the fun of battling it out in the sumo ring. Offering a safe environment for some friendly competition, this is a particular favourite for corporate events. With affordable rates and delivery across the Brisbane area, you can be tackling your friends or co-workers in no time. Hire our sumo suits today! Are you interested in sumo suit hire in Brisbane? Sumo Wrestling is great fun for everyone involved whether you are actually participating or just watching the wrestlers try to push their opponent out of the ring or pin them down! This is a hilarious game and a great addition to any party or event. It’s even better as now you get the Sumo Suits with the Boxing Ring for added fun and safety. Entertain everyone at your next event with a fun challenge! Our sumo suit hire now comes with a boxing ring! Our foam padded outfits will make you the size of a huge Japanese wrestler – will you be able to take on and beat your opponent, or will you just fall about laughing? The object of the game is to push, pull, trip or throw your opponent out of the ring, and of course, have fun doing it! You also get the added bonus of the Boxing Ring and We supply the Boxing Gloves as well so 2 games for the total price of $400. With great value like that, there’s no reason to go anywhere else for your party entertainment, and with a huge range of jumping castles for both kids and adults, as well as our mechanical bull hire, there’s an option for every party!