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    Toy Story Combo Castle



    • Ages- 2yrs to 15yrs
    • Dimensions-  4.83m Width x 6.2m length x4.42m height
    • Access Requirements- 1m clearance and car access
    • Power- Access to power within 15m of where soccer field is to be set up else a 2.5hp generator is required.
    • Supervision Requirements- Product to be supervised by a responsible adult
    • Number of people: 10 persons
    • Thrill Rating: 5/10
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    About the Product

    The Toy Story Combo is an enclosed Jumping castle with mesh making up and walls of the castle allowing the parents to watch the children from the outside.  The castle includes a slide, jumping area, and basketball hoop.  The entrance and exit are one and the same so parents don’t need to worry about where their children are located.

    How Does It Work?

    Who doesn’t love toy story?  So get your kids to don their buzz light year, or woody costume and ride on into our awesome Toy Story Combo Castle.  When your child climbs inside they will be multiple choices of what they want to do… maybe channel their inside Woody and try and lasso themselves some basketball hoops.  Maybe just jump around and pretend they are in their very own Toy Story movie, alternatively climb the ladder and pretend to be buzz light year by flying down the slippery slide screaming the obligatory “To Infinity and Beyond!”….and then….do it all over again.  The Toy Story Combo Castle keeps the children entertained for hours so jump in and ride on bullseye!!  Oh yeah…mum and dad, give yourself a break, get a drink pull up a chair and watch the kids from the sideline (what more could a jumping castle offer)

    All-day hire for $25 extra. Ask us how!

    “An important note about insurance. Although our safety record is impeccable and we comply with all WHS regulations, due to worldwide increase of insurance claims insurance claims from amusement park injuries and Covid-large insurance companies have pulled funding. These claims have resulted in a tightening of land-borne inflatable insurance policies nation-wide. To this end we must notify you of the following changes. 1. Any inflatable water slide or water slip and slide is no longer covered by insurance (inflatable dry slides are insured), and 2. Persons over 18 are unable to use any inflatable device and are considered uninsurable unless they are on the castle in a supervisory role to assist a minor in case of injury or emergency. If you would like further information or clarification as to how we can make your party awesome, we are more than happy to assist.”