Worm Tunnel Obstacle Course



  • Ages- 2yrs to Adult
  • Dimensions- In a U-shape 11m Width x 7m length x4m height
  • Access Requirements- 1m clearance and car access
  • Power- Access to power within 15m of where soccer field is to be set up else a 5hp generator is required.
  • Supervision Requirements- Product MUST be supervised by 2 Jumping Castle Company employees.
  • Number of people: 2 persons
  • Thrill Rating: 4/10
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About the Product

Our Worm Tunnel Obstacle Course that is slightly different to our other castles in that it is completely inflatable but you will be walking through the area that has been inflated.  As such when you enter the worm tunnel you will feel a strong gust of air, but once inside you won’t feel any more wind gusts.  The entrance and exit must always be manned by an adult to ensure that the door is not held open for too long upon entry and ensures that the exit door is closed.  This is to make sure all the air is kept within the worm tunnel.  All ages can go through this obstacle course and any young children are more than welcome to drag mum or dad along with them.  The great part is that mum and dad will not have to bend over as they go through the tunnel.  They can stand up and simply walk the course.

How Does It Work?

Climb up on to the inflatable platform and as some opens the worm’s mouth you will feel a blast of air.  You need to quickly step inside (although in my experience most people end up diving through the worm’s mouth and leave just their legs sticking out until they get on their hands and knees and pull the rest of them inside.  Once inside there is no major blasts of air and you just stand up and walk (or run) through the obstacles.  You can walk through the pillars and climb up the slight incline and mini slide until you go all the way around to the exit.  Right at the exit you will feel a blast of air before you push through (or fall through for some people) the exit which happens to be the worm’s bottom which usually results in lots of laughter from onlookers given the visual of a person running out of a worm’s behind.  The Worm tunnel Obstacle Course is a great course for those younger kids all the way up to teenagers.  It has something for everyone.

All-day hire for $25 extra. Ask us how!